Summer Makeup Look- Purple Smokey Eye


I am super excited for this long awaited post! I had the pleasure of linking up with the lovely Aliya! She is a rockstar when it comes to Green Beauty and her cute London accent doesn’t hurt either! We decided to go with a Summer look. I love a smokey eye and personally I would rock it any time of day. This time I wanted to do a Soft Summer Glam look that you can rock during a Day Brunch and add some messy black liner for a sultry night look. Listed below are the products used and an explanation of the steps taken to achieve this look. I’ve included a link to a previous makeup post where I list out the products used for my face CLICK HERE for details. I pretty much keep it the same unless I am going for a specific different look.

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I started off with priming my lids using Maracuja Creaseless Cooncealer (with my fingers and then beauty blender)

-I then continue by set my lids using a Kabuki brush and gently patting on Tarte’s Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Setting Powder.

-To outline my crease and create a shadow I went in with tapered blending brush and applied the Tartlette Amazonian Clay Matte Eyeshadow Palette in the color wanderer. 

– Transition (above the crease color, below the brow highlight (using the same palette) in the shade bestfriend.

-With any fluffy shadow brush I applied natural beauty on the lid, layered on twice.

-Outer Corner (same palette) in the color bombshell.

-I then went in with the same tapered blending brush and deepened the crease shadow, I love a dramatic deep crease as it makes the eyes appear larger and the smokey effect even smokier.

-Lower Lash Line, mixed  bombshell bestfriend. 

-Tight-lined my eyes with Lily & Lolo black pencil liner. I absolutely LOVE this stuff, it doesn’t make my eyes red or water and it is so creamy just glides right on!

-Lashes Ardell Natural Soft Touch Lash #160 (now on sale buy one get one 50% off @ Ulta)

-Lips one of my favorites lippies in the makeup industry, not only is it organic but the color is a just bitten red and it smells divine! Vapour Lipstick in the color Intuition.

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ALL ABOUT THE GLOW- Dewy Bronzed Fresh Faced Look

READY FOR SUMMER FUN! I was inspired by the scorching hot weather here in Las Vegas and I needed a way to cover up because I got a MAJOR breakout all over my under eye area the day before.  I have to be honest guys I cheated one day and used L’oreal Infallible on my under eyes and T-zone area. I was always impressed by how it brightened up my face and I was in a rush and knew I was going to sweat during my graduation ceremony so I took precautions. BAD BAD MISTAKE! I finally had my last reassurance and confirmation that Green is DEF the way to go! If I need to use some of my conventional favorite products every once in a while, it should be very minimal and something that will not last all day on my face. The outcome was very painful and irritating so I remedied my mistake and used an exfoliating and then a hydrating super recovering mask as I let cucumber eye patch lay and sooth my pains! (More on my skincare routine soon!)

To make a long story short my parents were visiting and we were headed to the pool and I could NOT look a hot mess. The skincare routine really helped but I was terrified of using any more makeup to cover up the redness and tiny bumps surrounding my eye area. So I went with a J.Lo Glow inspired look, very minimal natural glowing from within type of look. I was on a mission to prove I could get the same results if not BETTER using green products and I sure did a damn good job! I def will not be going back.

Listed below are all products used and links to where to buy them!


-No primer this time just the wonderful soothing RMS Living Luminizer on the points of my face where the sun naturally hits.

-As per usual Jane Iredale Enlighten Concealer used for covering up dark spots around my face and on my under eyes.

 Janeiredale Glow Time full coverage Mineral BB Creme in the shade BB9. Let me tell you I am SOOO IMPRESSED by this beauty. It is definitely true to it’s name creating a smooth glowy canvas to start with. It is lightweight bur also feels like you are wearing a moisturizer all day, leaving your face feeling fresh and hydrated. 

Juice Beauty Phyto Pigments Perfecting Concealer in the shade Sand (Ulta now has a gift with purchase).

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Brightening Concealer for brightening the under eye area and the middle of the forehead.

Vita Liberata Trystal Self Tanning Bronzing Minerals shade No.2 topped with a little of Alima Pure Bronzer in Trinidad.

Au Naturale blush in Apricot

-Tapped over the areas I used the RMS Luminzer, using a damp beauty blender with Josie Maran Argan Illuminizer  and then topped it off with Tarte Skin Twinkle Lighting Palette sweeping my brush through all three colors.


Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Lip Quench Rescue Lip Balm in the shade Nude. This collection of lippies are limited edition so get them while they’re hot! These are definitely not super pigmented but give you just enough tint to be able to wear alone or under another lipstick. Quench is the right word when it comes to this baby, I immediately felt a wave of hydration and moisture, Tarte uses an emollient formula that includes a combination of marine and botanical extracts selected for their conditioning and firming properties, which will explain the subtle hint of minty freshness that overcome your lips once applying.

[disclaim]Vegan and featuring a super cute gold Sea Shell design on the Eco Friendly Packaging! [/disclaim]


– Jane Iredale PureLash™ Extender & Conditioner

Winks Adhesive by Georgie Beauty

Winks by Georgie Beauty in the style  No. 2 ‘L’Avant Gardiste’ (I go in detail about this brand’s Lash Glue and Faux lashes in a previous Blogpost! Click Here)

-For that extra glow I swept Au Naturale Cosmetics Creme Shadow in Ivory, a gorgeous beige color with golden undertones perfection to wear alone or as an eye shadow primer.

-Tighlined my eyes with Lily Lolo Natural Black Eyeliner. It’s super creamy, pigmented, easy to apply AND VEGAN!



Mermaid Spring Look- Blue Green Smokey Eye with Orange Liner


Feeling inspired and decided to try something new, finally played around with some color and ended up with this Mermaid by the Sea look. Check out which products were used to achieve this bright fun spring look!


Clean Slate Poreless 12-hr Perfecting Primer– I haven’t been taking the most care of my skin lately so I decided to use a primer that will help hide my pores. I know it’s time to take action when even my boyfriend notices how enlarged my pores are …yikes! This primer created a smooth canvas to being applying my foundation. (Not just Cruelty Free but Vegan friendly)

Empowered Hybrid Gel Foundation– in Tan Sand. Loving EVERYTHING about this foundation from the name to the fact that I did not have to mix foundations to get my shade. The perfect tan color with yellow undertones, full coverage yet feels like you are applying a moisturizer keeping your skin hydrated all day.

Jane Iredale Enlighten Concealer I love this because it has an apricot coral color perfect for covering up dark spots around my face and on my under eyes.

Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer in Tan

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Brightening Concealer Corrector my ride or die when brightening my under eye area, double duty for canceling out any vein action I have going on even after applying concealer. As I mentioned before I hope 100% pure would make this products consistency a bit creamier or use another kind of packaging as a lot of the product gets stuck inside the tube. 🙁

The Sculptor Contouring Face Slenderizer my new favorite go to for contouring and bronzing all in one step. The stick design makes applying precise. Perfection for on to go and super easy to blend. (Also Vegan friendly)



Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Dark Brown

Orglamix Eyeshadow– in Espresso on the crease and smoked out on the undereye area. Much more to come from this brand I absolutely stand by their vision and they have some incredible products that I’ll be sure to try out in the near future!

Au Naturale Cosmetics Creme Shadow– in Bora Bora a bright aqua blue. I am absolutely in LOVEEE with these creme shadows, I want to get them in every color. Using organic ingredients like Jojoba and Castor oil I apply this to my lids with ease. I am so impressed with how super pigmented and creamy they are!

Urban Decay Electric Palette– in the shade Freak such a gorgeous sea form green color. I applied this right over the Bora Bora blue it created such an intense pretty reflective color.

– Jane Iredale PureLash™ Extender & Conditioner(oh so soothing to the eyes right before applying glue or mascara it also lengthens!)

Battington Lashes- in Kennedy Lashes Style. I bought mine on the CitrineBeauty site they are handmade silk lashes meaning Cruelty Free and Vegan yay! I love this style as they start out short on the inner corner and flare out towards the end, they remind me a little of Demi Wispies. The band is pretty thick but with this look it was perfect because I did not apply liner and these filled in the space between my lashes pretty well.

True Glue Adhesive I am beyond excited about this product!! I have been in search for a green beauty eyelash glue and my prayers have come true! This glue applies clear (doesn’t turn white like a lot of the other toxic lash adhesives) and is made with these natural ingredients listed below. I am currently testing out Cruelty-Free safer alternatives to lash glues and will be dedicating a post to it this week (stay tuned!)

[disclaim]Rosewater, chamomile extract, biotin, candelila wax, pullulan, geranium, glycerin and castor oil.[/disclaim]

Antonymn Lipstick Pencil– in Koral the great thing about using certified organic or natural beauty products is how versatile they are!! This liner for instance is super pigmented and is meant for the lips but I ofcourse used it on my lower lash line and let me tell you it turned out beautifully. Creamy and does not sting my eyes when applying.



Vegan Friendly Tartiest Creamy Matte Lip Paint– in the shade tbt. Liquid lipsticks can be a pain to apply at times especially when super matte. But I have to say this lippie does it’s name justice as it has the perfect balance of creamy and matte when applied to the lips and stays put for hours leaving a pretty pink stain on your lips.


Urban Decay Video After Glow 8 -Hour Powder Blush My forever FAVORITE blush that I will never ever get tired of is in this shade Video. It’s a perfect peachy nude, medium brown with warm, with light rosy undertones with a matte finish. Perfectly blendable with and a great base to mix other blushes with.

Tarte Skin Twinkle Lighting Palette– lucky enough to get it before it became out of stock, hopefully they get it back soon! I love this as a subtle natural highlight, becasue they have no glitter like many of the popular highlights do so it doesn’t clash and does not make your imperfections/acne pop. Comes with three shades so it is also my go to for traveling now.


[question]Want to see more Green Glam looks? Comment below and let me know what look you want to see next![/question]