Going Green can often come with a hefty price tag. It’s always good to go for organic but let’s be real here sometimes these prices can feel pretty outrageous. So when we just don’t have the option to spend as much as we’d like, it’s good to know what foods we shouldn’t guilt ourselves over. Often times smaller supermarkets like Trader Joe’s will only have the fruits and veggies that often are most heavily sprayed with pesticides available as organic while the rest are just ethically sourced.


It’s a very useful list that I like to use as a guide when shopping. It’s of the 12  fruits and vegetables that have been found to have the highest levels of detected pesticides after being washed, eek! So these are the fruits and veggies to AVOID!

dirty duzen


You guessed it, it’s a list of fruits and vegetables with the lowest pesticides detected. This list has changed from time to time, some fruits get bumped off the list so just keep that in mind! Research is never ending and consistently evolving! But when I go shopping I tend to buy fruits that are in season (a quick google search can help you before a grocery shopping trip) and the items on this list.

Our precious little ones are more susceptible to the effects of pesticides because the stages of their organs and nervous systems are still developing. Therefore whenever possible for your youngins’ try to aim for natural and organic foods. 

When I began my journey I was very strict with myself and would even avoid eating certain meals because it wasn’t organic. That I believe is way too restricting and can become too much of a burden. Healthy living should be just that, about LIVING, getting in tune with yourself, and listening to your body. To help you along the way I decided to just create a version of the shopping list many of you may have seen on EWG website. Feel free to click on the photos below to download and print a version for your next shopping trip!

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