I Sat Inside a Himalayan Salt Cave and this is What Happened— What is it and is it Worth the Hype?

Being Salty Might Actually be a Good Thing…

As a wellness blogger I am always in search of the next #selfcare treatment that is going to leave me better than it found me. I’ve heard about Salt Caves through my co-workers and friends, their raves about it intrigued me, but also left me wondering in speculation. Living in NYC with so much pollution and then working in the casinos when I first moved to Vegas  a few years back, I thought my lungs could give it a try. You know I HAD to see for myself if it was as good as they say, because I am always down to try something in honor of seeking health and wellness. So when the lovely owner invited me to her beautiful Himalayan Salt Room here in Vegas, I jumped at the opportunity.

To give you a little background history on Himalayan salt caves, the modern dry salt therapy is inspired by the the salt mines and caves in Europe and Russia. As the workers were mining the salt (chiseling, grinding and hammering at the salt), tiny salt particles were being disbursed into the air. Working in conditions below the Earth’s surface where air pressure, circulation, humidity and temperature affected the quality of the environment the miners were getting Spa treatment and they didn’t even know it! (I kid, I kid).

Considering that mining jobs were usually recognized as dangerous to life and health, salt miners seemed to thrive on good health. They rarely had any respiratory issues and also looked younger due to great skin appearance.

What is it like?

You are sitting in a room with literally tons of crystal salt rock, a dim glow provided by rock lamps, reclining chairs and soothing instrumental background music. Meanwhile, during your session, a machine outside the room (called a halo-generator) grinds dry salt and pumps micro particles of it into the air providing the healing experience of Halo-therapy. Bacteria and fungus cannot survive in these conditions.

Benefits of Himalayan Salt Caves

People have reported relief from respiratory ailments such as:

♥ Asthma



♥Pulmonary diseases

♥Colds, cystic fibrosis

♥Ear infections and sinusitis


♥Eczema, psoriasis etc.

A recent study  shows that children with mild asthma who went for two sessions per week for seven weeks gained greater improvements in their bronchial hyper-reactivity (constrictions and spasms that cause asthma symptoms) than the control group did.

When fine salt particles are inhaled, they will fall on the airway linings and draw water into the airway, thinning the mucous and making it easier to raise, thus making people feel better. The rooms are allergen free so spending consistent amount of time in a clean environment produces relief to any known symptoms.

Just spending 45 minutes at a time in a quite, safe, uninterrupted space can do so much good for the mind body and soul.

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Final Thoughts…

So what are the overall benefits of going to a modern day Salt Cave? Well after visiting my local Salt Cave a couple of times I have some insight I can share with you guys. I ended up really liking it, and this may be TMI but the next morning I while brushing my teeth I spit out blood with additional mucus.. Which coincides with the reported benefits of Himalayan salt which is reduction of inflammation and mucus in the body. My body was already detoxing after just one session.

After conducting this research and experiencing it once myself, it inspired me to create a little challenge for myself and review Salt Therapy more in depth for you guys. I will be going twice a week and reporting any differences in how I feel. I have suffered years of  second hand smoke in both NYC and Las Vegas. So I am pumped and ready to detox my lungs and breathe life into my body.


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