Pacifica Muse Contest Makeup Look

Hey guys! As you all may know I was privileged enough to make it to the Top 30 for the Pacifica Muse Contest this year! If you’ve been to my blog you know I’ve raved about this brand and not only their products, but their mission in the beauty industry! They are an 100% Cruelty- Free and Vegan brand, and they participate in the IPSY glam bags and Genbeauty events, which I believe is a step in the right direction when it comes to including Green Beauty in the mainstream beauty industry! I was pretty stocked that they sent me not one, but TWO boxes filled with their products, everything from makeup, wipes, and shaving creams (comment below if you want a haul!). Our challenge was to create a look based on a woman that influences us most in history. I am Dominican & Puerto Rican and super proud of it, so of course I had to represent and create a look on Las Hermanas Mirabal (watch in the Time of the Butterflies for an epic recap of their story). I was drawn to Minerva Mirabal in particular I was so inspired by her witty, feisty, empowered nature, she knew what she wanted and she went out and got it! She created an underground movement to overthrow the torturous and feared Dictator Trujillo. She had the will and the might to fight against the strongest man in the country to keep her people safe, and away from the abuse and injustices happening around her. She did not just weep with sadness (although that would be totally understandable) she got up and did something about it!

5694DFBB-0DDF-44AA-8656-38D205DCA148One of her greatest accomplishments was being the first woman to enter and graduate Law School, during a time when Trujillo was her declared arch enemy. He couldn’t even stop her. Shortly after she began the underground movement with her sisters, they were known as Las Mariposas Mirabal (the Butterfly Mirabal sisters). They were a source of hope, inspiration, and motivation to keep going. She was willing to give up her life for what she believed in and I will forever be grateful for what her movement did for the Dominican Republic. I grew up admiring her essence and the message she exuded. She is the definition of a STRONG and INDEPENDENT woman!


pacifica muse

Below I’ve listed the products used (mostly all by Pacifica) they are all Organic, Vegan, and Cruelty-Free products:

-Bronzed (crease)
-Treasure (center)
-Gold Dust Highlight


AFTER SUN MIST HERBIVORE BOTANICALS (used to intensify center metallic color on lid)


ENLIGHTENED GLOSS in Poppy (spicy orange undertone red)

DEVOCEAN NATURAL LIPSTICK in Firebird (literally smells like Coconut Water)











Mermaid Spring Look- Blue Green Smokey Eye with Orange Liner


Feeling inspired and decided to try something new, finally played around with some color and ended up with this Mermaid by the Sea look. Check out which products were used to achieve this bright fun spring look!


Clean Slate Poreless 12-hr Perfecting Primer– I haven’t been taking the most care of my skin lately so I decided to use a primer that will help hide my pores. I know it’s time to take action when even my boyfriend notices how enlarged my pores are …yikes! This primer created a smooth canvas to being applying my foundation. (Not just Cruelty Free but Vegan friendly)

Empowered Hybrid Gel Foundation– in Tan Sand. Loving EVERYTHING about this foundation from the name to the fact that I did not have to mix foundations to get my shade. The perfect tan color with yellow undertones, full coverage yet feels like you are applying a moisturizer keeping your skin hydrated all day.

Jane Iredale Enlighten Concealer I love this because it has an apricot coral color perfect for covering up dark spots around my face and on my under eyes.

Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer in Tan

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Brightening Concealer Corrector my ride or die when brightening my under eye area, double duty for canceling out any vein action I have going on even after applying concealer. As I mentioned before I hope 100% pure would make this products consistency a bit creamier or use another kind of packaging as a lot of the product gets stuck inside the tube. 🙁

The Sculptor Contouring Face Slenderizer my new favorite go to for contouring and bronzing all in one step. The stick design makes applying precise. Perfection for on to go and super easy to blend. (Also Vegan friendly)



Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Dark Brown

Orglamix Eyeshadow– in Espresso on the crease and smoked out on the undereye area. Much more to come from this brand I absolutely stand by their vision and they have some incredible products that I’ll be sure to try out in the near future!

Au Naturale Cosmetics Creme Shadow– in Bora Bora a bright aqua blue. I am absolutely in LOVEEE with these creme shadows, I want to get them in every color. Using organic ingredients like Jojoba and Castor oil I apply this to my lids with ease. I am so impressed with how super pigmented and creamy they are!

Urban Decay Electric Palette– in the shade Freak such a gorgeous sea form green color. I applied this right over the Bora Bora blue it created such an intense pretty reflective color.

– Jane Iredale PureLash™ Extender & Conditioner(oh so soothing to the eyes right before applying glue or mascara it also lengthens!)

Battington Lashes- in Kennedy Lashes Style. I bought mine on the CitrineBeauty site they are handmade silk lashes meaning Cruelty Free and Vegan yay! I love this style as they start out short on the inner corner and flare out towards the end, they remind me a little of Demi Wispies. The band is pretty thick but with this look it was perfect because I did not apply liner and these filled in the space between my lashes pretty well.

True Glue Adhesive I am beyond excited about this product!! I have been in search for a green beauty eyelash glue and my prayers have come true! This glue applies clear (doesn’t turn white like a lot of the other toxic lash adhesives) and is made with these natural ingredients listed below. I am currently testing out Cruelty-Free safer alternatives to lash glues and will be dedicating a post to it this week (stay tuned!)

[disclaim]Rosewater, chamomile extract, biotin, candelila wax, pullulan, geranium, glycerin and castor oil.[/disclaim]

Antonymn Lipstick Pencil– in Koral the great thing about using certified organic or natural beauty products is how versatile they are!! This liner for instance is super pigmented and is meant for the lips but I ofcourse used it on my lower lash line and let me tell you it turned out beautifully. Creamy and does not sting my eyes when applying.



Vegan Friendly Tartiest Creamy Matte Lip Paint– in the shade tbt. Liquid lipsticks can be a pain to apply at times especially when super matte. But I have to say this lippie does it’s name justice as it has the perfect balance of creamy and matte when applied to the lips and stays put for hours leaving a pretty pink stain on your lips.


Urban Decay Video After Glow 8 -Hour Powder Blush My forever FAVORITE blush that I will never ever get tired of is in this shade Video. It’s a perfect peachy nude, medium brown with warm, with light rosy undertones with a matte finish. Perfectly blendable with and a great base to mix other blushes with.

Tarte Skin Twinkle Lighting Palette– lucky enough to get it before it became out of stock, hopefully they get it back soon! I love this as a subtle natural highlight, becasue they have no glitter like many of the popular highlights do so it doesn’t clash and does not make your imperfections/acne pop. Comes with three shades so it is also my go to for traveling now.


[question]Want to see more Green Glam looks? Comment below and let me know what look you want to see next![/question]


Facial Mists you NEED and the Right Way to Use Them!


Ever wondered what the hype about facial sprays is? Why not just use tap water in a spray bottle and call it a day? Well there are so many variations and types of facial mists out there that it really is worth the extra effort and money on some cooling, antioxidant rich, facial mist. The benefits to facials mists are really endless, but keep in mind that there is a right way to use them. Yup, you heard me… you can find a way to mess this up too.





  • Tones & refreshes with resveratrol from organic grapeseed.
  • Aromatherapeutic with pure essential oils of ylang ylang & rosehips.
  • Hydrates with organic aloe.(Juice Beauty)

If you are still applying alcohol based toner, that is harsh to your skin as a part of your everyday routine, you are spending money and time on something that is probably doing more harm than good. Swap out the toner for a soothing and “organic juice solution packed with powerful ingredients and antioxidants so every drop feeds your skin with powerful nutrients.” In terms of totally certified organic products, Juice Beauty only offers four 100% USDA certified organic items, this facial mist included. You can feel safe when applying this morning and night. If you have normal to combination skin this is the way to go. For dryer skin keep reading.

[warning]*Don’t  Mess This Up Tip: I did notice that if I did not pat my face after a few seconds of spraying on my face the droplets would evaporate taking a little of my natural moisture along with it. This basically defeated the purpose of using a spray, so to combat this I applied a few drops of Organic Argon Oil right after spraying. I gently pat my face dry leaving my skin supple.[/warning]




There are two different types of facial spritzers: those containing purely water, and those blended with botanical extracts and oils. La Roche-Posay Thermale Spring Water Spray is thermal water that gives a wonderful “wakeup call” for long travel days that seem to zap all moisture from our skin. Due to the cold and freshness of the spray its perfect for a little pick me up when you want to freshen up. It’s sources from pure rain water using a unique combination of mineral salts. I personally love it for my no makeup days to spray on my face right before I head out the door. It provides me with instant dewiness and protective anti-oxidant benefits from pollutants in the environment.

[disclaim]I did find out that this brand is not Vegan or Cruelty Free so I will no longer be purchasing. I really need La Roche-Posay to get with the program because I love this spray so much it is LIFE! :([/disclaim]



This is a MUST have in your beauty collection as part of your skincare and makeup routine. I recently had a bad reaction to testing out a new product (more on that later) I had to stay away from makeup or anything that would be too harsh on the delicate under eye area. I woke up to tiny bumps and dry, itchy, swelling. Frankly it sucked, but having my trusty Evian water handy helped a great deal. It helped sooth my irritated skin without the worry of having another reaction, because it is simply mineral water and why wouldn’t the biggest organ of our body want a spritz of water from time to time?




Ahh rosewater, the holy grail of all things mists. You can spritz on your face, your hair, your body, on your clothes, you get it. Not only does it help ease your anxiety with its aromatherapy elements but it tone and evens out your skin tone too!  Include it in your daily skincare regimen or apply to set your makeup and freshen it up throughout the day. It is also the amazing for spraying over a sunburn. This all an in one spray is all you need  (I prefer and this it’s best if bought 100% organic, but this one I use from time to time because it is just that good).

[disclaim]*Tip: Store your facial mists in the fridge for the ultimate fresh clean feeling.[/disclaim]

Wild Card: Korean Snail Spray



Snail spray… really Buffy? I know what you must be thinking, this is some Kim Kardashian radical, keep yourself young forever type of shiz. I mean it is 90% snail mucus and who doesn’t want to be covered in mucus? Am I right?! No, but really it’s not as crazy as it seems. In essence its Mizon Snail Repair Hydro Mist is a facial mist that promises to reinforce skin repair and protect skin from outside stimuli. Anything that promises to protect me from the crazy pollution outside I am willing to try. Korean beauty products have really made its presence over the years as people that know what they’re doing. The ingredients are 90% snail mucus and the rest seem to not be too harmful at all except Parfum. But it is the last ingredient on the list so I am hoping it a very small amount because the moment I put it on my face I had an instant dewy glow. I decided not to put on any makeup to see the true results and I honestly didn’t need it! I felt like I was a pregnant woman glowing from within!! This is definitely worth a try people!


Spring Smokey Cut Crease


To welcome Spring I decided to go for a subtle smokey cut crease with gold as a base to bring out the yellow undertones of my skin, because I love this time of year and I needed an excuse to use this cocoa neutral brown again! I used all Vegan and Cruelty Free Products that all fall under my Eco-Chic (organic, natural, toxic-free) list of go to makeup. Breakdown of all products used below with the links in case you wanted to try out some of these green glam alternatives:


[disclaim]Since I wash my face and moisturize right before applying makeup I usually don’t apply primer instead I try to use something that will lock in moisture and provide a dewy look that will last all day.[/disclaim]

RMS Living Luminizer mostly all over my face avoiding areas with any bumps or things I want to hide.

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Foundation in Toffee

Jane Iredale Enlighten Concealer I love this because it has an apricot coral color perfect for covering up dark spots around my face and on my under eyes.

Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer in Tan

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Brightening Concealer Corrector

I LOVE this product it is an amazing dupe for any banana contouring kits out there. It’s organic with Rosehip Oil and Aloe Juice being one of the main ingredients . It brightens and color corrects flawlessly. I do wish the consistency was creamier a lot seems to get stuck inside the tube.

Alima Pure Bronzer in Trinidad



Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Dark Brown

– Antonym Cosmetics Quattro eyeshadow in Noisette using the Dark brown color for the crease

– e.l.f. Smudge Pot Cream Eyeshadow in Gotta Glow on the lid

– Jane Iredale PureLash™ Extender & Conditioner (oh so soothing to the eyes right before applying glue or mascara it also lengthens!)

Tarte Tarteist Clay Paint Liner and Best In Faux Lash Extending Fibers  (this helped bring my lashes to life I am on the search for a clean alternatitive to lash glue so I am trying my best to use mascara to lengthen these babies, this did a great job).

 Pacifica Dream Big Mascara



Lily Lolo Lipstick in Demure (I’m on the search for an organic version of Nars Dolce Vita, if you haven’t tried it go now because it is LIFE. It’s the perfect nude peachy, yet neutral shade so far this is the closest I have gotten, still not perfect though.)

Ilia Beauty Lipgloss in Butterfly & I


Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Dollface and Fearless

Becca Champagne Pop for the highlight




temp (4)Pacifica’s Jet Set Trio Kale Collection is the ultimate go to for my traveling needs. This travel friendly set has the cutest bright pink and green packaging with benefiting natural ingredients. It includes the Super Kale shampoo & conditioner and the Hairvana leave on conditioner that’s ideal for dry and damaged hair (score).

Its enriched with amazing ingredients like coconut, passionfruit, and of course the star of the show, Kale. Its super fighting ingredients are supposed to combat against pollution and stress your hair is exposed to on a day to day basis  It works best for fine and color treated hair, which is perfect for me because I have fine hair but have A LOT of it, throw in the curls and you have yourself a hot mess. So you can understand why I’m so happy to see a product that caters to my (unnatural) color treated blonde hair.

“Everyday pollutants can ruin your hair’s color, health and style (and then there goes your day). Say goodbye to bad hair days forever. No matter where you are off to, pack this trio.” -Pacifica 

So I put these products to the test and I am oh so very happy I really liked them! The shampoo does not lather as much as your conventional shampoos, but if you are like me and use organic products for your hair you should be used to it by now. If you are new to this trust me once you give it a few tries you really can’t go back to using toxic shampoo on your hair! But this shampoo was light and left my scalp feeling squeaky clean.

temp (9)

The conditioner has a light, gentle feel and has the same refreshing minty sensation as the shampoo. I had to go in with a thicker and creamier textured conditioner in order to detangle and really hydrate my curls. So I would say this is the perfect consistency for a co-washing conditioner. It’s weightless formulation makes sure you are keeping the moisture but still getting that squeaky clean feeling we all love so much.

temp (8)

The Hairvana Leave on Conditioner I must say is the star of the show. I fell in love with the subtle sweet vanilla scent that lingered even after my usual blowout and flatiron routine. My hair was looking sooooooo thirsty so it was perfect timing to try this. I applied just a quarter size amount evenly onto my hair (focusing on the ends) and the coarse frizzies I would usually see literally disappeared. I was pleasantly surprised as leave on conditioners usually just weight down my hair but this,  my hair ate it all up leaving it super hydrated and best of all my fingers could slide right through! Holding true to its purpose the leave on conditioner will leave your hair super easy to detangle, moisturized, and smelling nice.

[disclaim]Pacifica is a 100% Vegan, Cruelty Free, and Eco-Chic brand sold exclusively at Ulta and now Target! Be sure to check them out and let me know your must have Pacifica product![/disclaim]