Take on Monday with a Bold Red Lipstick: The Best Non-Toxic & Organic Red Lipsticks


Today I am listening to my own advice and taking on this Monday like a Bo$s Bitch, with one of these red lippies. I decided to give you lovelies a nice array of options to try that will be perfect for any style and look. Sometimes it’s  hard to get out of the funk on a Monday morning, but my motto has always been, if I look good I feel good, so switch up your routine and try one of these to make you feel like the badass you are!


The brightest red of the bunch, according to their website it’s described as “the classic red; reminiscent to true Parisian 1940’s glamour and fashion”. The lipstick shades found in the ColorEssential line are supposed to “work with any skin tone”, and this one in particular definitely worked with mine. Susan Posnick developed her brand after being diagnosed with skin cancer. The ingredients found in this lipstick aren’t necessarily organic, but they do include some pretty good  stuff that left my lips super hydrated like Vitamin C, Olive Oil, and Titanium Dioxide which functions as a sunscreen as well.

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ILIA- Strike It Up 

If I had to choose one red lipstick to carry around with my forever THIS would be it. Ilia is one of my favorite organic brands, everything from their certified organic ingredients to their packaging just screams luxury. Strike It Up is the shade of perfect red, in the tube it is reminiscent of Mac’s Ruby Woo. Because of the organic rich ingredients found within, the lipstick isn’t as pigmented as the rest with just one application so you would have to reapply to get that deep red we all love.

[disclaim]Quick tip: if you’re not a pro with the red yet and want to avoid red lipstick from running, line your lips with a nude close to your skin tone.[/disclaim]

VAPOUR- Intuition 

Now this lipstick is my kind of red. In my makeup collection I can say over 75% of my lipsticks are a pink mauve color, so this baby gave me LIFE. The color is truly unique, it has a deep pink undertone yet the true burgundy never fades. Once I apply it’s guaranteed that I rub my lips together all day long. Vapour is another organic brand using certified organic ingredients, making it soooo soft and buttery on the lips. Oh and the scent?! OH-EM-GEE I’m sure glad that this stuff is basically edible because it smells like candy, maybe licorice? Unlike traditional lipsticks that usually have synthetic foul scent, reminding you of all the chemicals you are about to ingest…not cute. The best part is that this lipstick is really pigmented and the staying power lasts for hours so you won’t ever miss the toxic stuff.


If you don’t want to wear a lipstick perhaps a this lip crayon will be the right amount of POW you are looking for.  This classic medium red with a satin-matte finish lippie is part of the Berry & Bright Lip Pencil Limited Edition Collection. The other colors in the pack were pretty similar but this was the truest red of the bunch. Unlike the rest of the lipsticks mentioned above it is actually pretty stiff and because of the crayon packaging it makes it really easy to apply. This is the perfect option for the low maintenance girl that makes to want a statement every now and again.


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